Monday, January 28, 2013

Bucket List Trip

I am planning a 'Bucket List' trip to the UK.

Among places I plan (hope) to visit in Wales are:

Swansea (of course!)
Conwy area of North Wales
Pont-Nedd-Fechan waterfalls

People I plan to see:

WWWC contacts
My (oldest) brother
My long-time friend and drinking buddy
Former University colleagues
Some of the gang from my old Swansea local.

(Some of the) things I want to do:
[It's the hiraeth driving these mundane things]

Eat a Wimpy burger
Get a bag of fish and chips, a rissole and a sausage
Compare - side-by-side: 1/2 pint of 'Bitter' and 1/2 pint of 'Mild'
Ride on a double-decker bus
Ride on a railway train
Walk around downtown (Swansea) and browse the shops
Get photos of each of my old Swansea schools
Walk on the cobbled beach at Bracelet Bay
Walk barefoot out in the 'grannies mud' in Swansea Bay - maybe!
Eat an Eynon's pie (or equivalent)
Visit Swansea Market (I worked on its reconstruction in 1960)
Try (maybe!) laver-bread (never had it before)
Attend a Gymanfa Ganu

- there may be more to add.  Perhaps some fellow Ex-Pats have ideas from their 'bucket-lists'

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Go Swans!

Here I am, frantically trying to find a realtive, friend, pub that subscribes to so I can watch the second leg of this match-up today: 

Go Swansea! 

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Garden of Eden

To begin at the beginning . . .

Oops, that was some other blydi Jack from Swansea that said that, wasn't it?

Well, this IS a beginning for THIS Swansea Jack - my first-ever published blog in Blogger, so, I'm more likely to screw this up, than not - and grab hold of that serpent than that naked lady over there! 

We shall see - whether I'm Able, or whether I'll need to be sent to the headmaster for the Cain.