Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Go Swans!

Here I am, frantically trying to find a realtive, friend, pub that subscribes to so I can watch the second leg of this match-up today: 

Go Swansea! 

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  1. Well, I didn't get to see the match, but thanks to Wales-Online, I was able to follow along in their interactive, LIVE, online text-commentary.

    Well done Swansea City. What a great performance - holding European Champions Chelsea scoreless for 180 minutes!

    But - not all was enjoyable: If you are reading this blog, you are surely a football fan and MUST, by now, have heard or seen the headlines that have caused the actions of two idiots (Edin Hazard and Charlie Morgan) to foreshadow that great footballing performance.

    I am saddened by the comments of some players - including (Welshman) Gareth Bale - who see nothing wrong with Hazard's action; electing only to express dismay at the ball-boy's antics and the referee's decision.

    As a referee myself, I KNOW what Law 12 says regarding Violent Conduct'. It does NOT offer 'an out' where a player is 'provoked'. Hazard left referee Chris Moys with no legitimate option. Hazard - especially as a professional - should know that under Law 5, the referee can 'add time' to compensate for playing time lost - even for bizarre, unsporting incidents such as perpetrated by the ball-boy. He should have left the ball-boy 'act out' his disgraceful antic - and let the referee deal with it.

    I hope, inspite of (maybe because of), the fact that this ball-boy is the son of one of Swansea City FC's directors, the club will never permit him to perform ball-boy duty again.