Monday, August 19, 2013

No, I did not . . .

. . . kick the bucket, that is!

I have been so absolutely busy doing not much of any relevance or importance that I couldn't find time to blog about it all - until now. So here is a partial list of the earth-shattering events you've missed in the past 2 months:

1. I acquired and installed two hummingbird feeders. One on the deck and one under a trellis arch.
2. I signed up to be a soccer referee for another year - at High School and USSF matches
3. I took a trip to Holland.
4. Preparing to make another blog posting here - before the end of the month.

Hummingbirds - the red-throat variety are the best - almost a luminescent orange/vermillion hue. have been too slow to get my camera out to get any photos of them, but get a great close-up with my binoculars - even though the feeders are only 6 or 7 yards from my windows.

Referee activity - Yes, in spite of pleas from coaches and parents, I will continue to point out their deficiencies in comprehension of many aspects of the laws of 'the beautiful game'. Law 1 - I am not biased, you are!   To paraphrase DesCartes - "I think (I am right), therefore I am".  Just sit back and enjoy the match.

Trip to Holland -  maybe I should write a blog trip - must see if I have any worthwhile photos. Stay tuned for the exciting revelations.

Blog-in-preparation - it will feature a collection of photos from the Bucket List Trip and will bear the enigmatic title: 'Holy, holey and wholly Welsh'!

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