Monday, January 13, 2014

To be (a busy bee) - or not to be (one)

A TRUE 'multi-tasker' conducts several ('multiple' -hence 'multi' - doh!) tasks simultaneously (concurrently, if you wish). I'm not sure what (or if there is a) term is applied to describe one who performs multiple tasks consecutively. Maybe 'wife'?  

I guess I have 'worn both hats' - at different times, of course!  

The opposite is often said of a person who does NOT possess that 'multi-tasking' attribute:  '(S)he couldn't walk and chew gum at the same time!'  For me, that is a non-starter; I do not chew gum, no matter what other activity I may choose to be involved in. 

My most recent 'multi-tasking' was as I penned this - I typed and and I ate lunch, concurrently!  Not exactly a major accomplishment, but at least it is illustrative. Perhaps another, equally mundane, is when I walk on the treadmill (performing the task of 'exercising') whilst watching a recorded football match on TV (performing the task of 'entertaining' myself). Again, not a Herculean task, but they are two of MY tasks in my retirement. As I progressed through my career, there must have been more worthwhile and important occurrences of 'multi-tasking' - but I care not to even attempt recalling them. I'd be happy to hear (or not) of others' endeavors in that vain.

I am glad to report that I have absolutely NOTHING that needs to be done today! However, there are a few things that I intend to do.

I will pull out the applicable Federal and State forms, my check book, pen and postage stamps to mail my quarterly estimated taxes. These do not need to be postmarked until the 15th, but I’ll fill them out today and gleefully wait until Wednesday to mail them.

Next, I’ll go to the hardware store to buy a piece of PVC piping to use as an electric cord conduit to install a spotlight for my house. The conduit will be buried so that my wife won’t trip over the cord as she pushes the lawn mower around the lawn once or twice every week this summer. It will be deep enough, tree roots permitting, so that the tines on the lawn-aeration machine won’t puncture it. 

There is no rain in the forecast for today so I’ll be unable to ‘legally’ delve in to one of the many ‘rainy day’ projects I have been putting off for a long, long time! The one that promises to take as a long as a biblical flood would last, is to dig through several boxes of decades-old photos, dump the ‘useless’ ones and scan those ‘worthy of being digitized for posterity’. The more I ponder THAT Herculean task, the more I’m praying for a dry Spring and Summer.   

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