Wednesday, February 26, 2014

What to do on a cold day?

There are a host of things one could do - I likely chose the wrong one!

At least I stayed in doors all day - except to run to the mailbox. Alas, nothing there worth getting. What I did decide to do was to rummage in my hard drive for something I put together early last year and to re-create it in a new format. Sort of like deciding to make a different shaped sausage, I guess.

The reasoning behind this madness emanated from a collision of two or three loosely related events. This time last year, I was embarking on my 'Bucket List Trip' - which was to include meeting a few people in Wales that I had conversed with on-line, on-the-phone, on-Skype, etc. I was to spend part of my trip in Wales on St David's Day - March 1st. This year, on St David's Day, I will be on this side of the pond - possibly conversing in one or more of those modes with one of the people who 'hosted' me last year - and the following day, will be 'lunching' with a group of people here who will gather for their annual St David's Day celebration at Dressel's Pub in the Central West End of St Louis. Some of those people are, like I, ex-pats from Wales; others are descendant's of emigrants from Wales. Many, I am sure, have heard of various parts of Wales, but may not know where those parts - I'll call them 'Pieces' - are (or were). So, that set me to thinking I should give them the chance to learn a little of their ancestral homeland.

Back to the 'Bucket List Trip' for a moment - one of the acquaintances I met while in Wales, happens to run a website - called World Wide Celtic Community * (I call it WWCC) - to which I make frequent written and photographic or video contributions. I recently inquired of him about posting PowerPoint materials to that site. He informed me of an alternate vehicle - though the simple fact is that I CAN upload PowerPoint files there (if less than 5 MB). Well, the 3rd-party that he suggested to me, has the potential for tossing my creativity to place it may not otherwise go. So, the allure of that got me into the mode of posting a few 'second-hand' PPS items there in the past few days - and having 'got the bit between my teeth', I decided it was time to combine all these aforementioned reasons and knuckle down to make that different sausage. The presentation I am about to unleash contains many 'hot link' urls - but I am not sure what happens if you click on one of those in the midst of watching the slideshow. If it kicks you out, just cut and paste them into your browser or clipboard for later viewing. You may also download the PPS file that I have uploaded to my Swansea Jack's Stuff blog on WWCC.* You can also open it there - complete with 'hot links' - see, I told you it this was about making sausages!      

* Updated mid June 2014 - the WWCC website may be 'going under' - if it does, then these two hot links will become as cold as a mackerel - at which time I will remove them, but that will not affect your ability to view the 'Pieces of Wales' link posted below.

If you haven't already fallen asleep, take a look at my latest endeavor - that should do the trick. Enjoy - or be bored:

Pieces of Wales

I am going to get a hot cup of coffee and sit by the fire!

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