Saturday, June 21, 2014

Summer Solstice

Today is the Summer Solstice - at least in this 'top' end of the world.

The First Day of Summer - it is all down hill from here for the rest of the year - as far as length of the days go. Well, if you ignore the antithesis (Winter Solstice) that will occur 6 months from now when we'll get the days growing longer again for 10 days or so.

Thinking of those annual events, it occurred to me that - at least in the past (very nearly) 48 * years - that certain of life's events are - well, in short, Predictable - and so we take them all for granted.

Every day, the sun comes up in the East and every day the sun goes down in the West
Every week has its hump-day - unless you live in France and have just a 4-day work week
Every month has at least 28 days in it - some (8 - not this one) excessively so, one barely squeaks by
Every year - well, we just discussed the solstices - and:
Every four years, England takes an early exit from the World Cup !

Ain't life so damned . . . Predictable

* Lest some forget (certainly German people would like to), there was that glorious day in July,1966 - it is possible that there may have been no solstices that year, that there may have been 32 days in that month, that every day was a hump-day in that closing week, that there was no East nor West.(not even in Germany!) - and I'm sure the sun shone all day long on that most unpredictable of days,

I'm glad I witnessed that celestial event - shown here in glorious black and white, though I'm almost certain I saw it color - on TV in a pub, in Ireland, with an Englishman.

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