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Whilst my friends in the UK may note that today is March 14th, the significance of that date may be lost on them:

In the USA, we (somewhat illogically) type our dates in the MM/DD/YYYY format - unlike the UK where they do it in a logical ascending-unit format: - DD/MM/YYYY - and in continental Europe where they do it in a descending-unit format: -  YYYY/MM/DD. Christmas Day this year will be 12/25/2015 in the USA, 25/12/2015 in the UK and 2015/12/25 in Continental Europe - whereas in Muslim countries, it will be . . . Friday!     

OK, ignoring the YYYY (one more Y than Tom Jones inquired of Delilah), unless you live in the UK (or Ireland), you will recognize (and you need not even be a Roman to do so) that March 14th is not only one day before the Ides of March, but is also Pi day

Yes - today is the 3rd Month, 14th day - so: 3.14 (you may forget the rest of it!) - so:

Regarding 3.14159265358979323846264338327950288419716939937510, where will you be, in this 3rd month, on its 14th day of the 15th year of the century, at 9:26:53.5 am?  

But, what is Pi Day?  The answer is just a click away.

In school, I was always taught to use 22 / 7 as a good enough approximation of Pi.  

If you really want to spend eternity doing so, you can calculate the value of Pi here.   

If not, just look here and have some fun with Pi.  

Or else, just enjoy a slice of this: 

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