Monday, May 5, 2014

May the Trifecta be with you

Following the Kentucky Derby on Saturday, I am now in the midst of a celebratory trifecta * of a different sort. 

* Tricast, for those in the UK 

By the way, there is no truth to the rumor that this year’s 'Derby' winner, California Chrome, was sired by ‘Google’.

First, there was the much hailed MAY 4th – and all the jocularity that goes with that:

Of course, there are MANY other illustrations for that event - Star Wars Day.  

A long time ago (well, 35 years, anyway) . . . far, far away (well, a few thousand miles from St Louis, anyway) the STARk reality of that phrase was coined -  May the 4th b / u  

Today, is MAY 5th – and all that goes along with it. In the US, we have these days on which people drink themselves silly. Two months ago, it was St Patrick’s Day when everyone believed (wished) they were Irish. Today is known as Cinco de Mayo and they’ll don a sombrero and spluttering out “Dos cerveza, por favor” will try to convince others that they are Mexican. Not too many realize however that it is NOT the Mexican equivalent of their July 4th, but marks a different event.  

Then, tomorrow will be May 6th. Not a day of note for most Americans, but for one of them, it is; that one is my second son – it is his birthday. To mark that passage of time (41 years), I thought that safer than lighting so many candles on a cake, I’d post this video of him doing the Robert Cray number, “Walk Around Time”.    

Happy birthday, Brendan. 

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