Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Did he or didn't he?

I must have been 'otherwise engaged' on February 2nd this year. I was - that was opening day of the 2013 IRB Six-Nations Rugby Tournament. Being that I am Welsh, I'll immediately drop that subject!

What I did miss on that day was the escapades of Punxatawney Phil - the (in)famous groundhog said to be the official predictor of the ending of winter. At least there was some good news that day - Phil predicted an early end to winter; so no need to wait till March 20th. to shed the long-johns!

Ironically, the next day we received an unforecasted 4" snowfall. Crank up the BBQ; how do you want your groundhog cooked, mamma?

Don't forget, a week from today is Mardi Gras - time to cook up some pancakes! More on that later.

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