Wednesday, February 6, 2013

It's funny you said that

I was reading a friend's daily blog yesterday. Well, it had been 'daily' until he went under the weather and was unable to blog for a week or so. It's 'funny' (that's 'peculiar', not 'Ha-ha') that though separated by half a globe, we may be sharing similar circumstances and situations, that could have similar - or different endings.

Anyway, let me first direct you to his 'return' posting from:  Barkeep's Blog - then have you come back here to see my response - and more:

Good to see you are back at the keyboard.

Watching the egg-hatching video I had a compulsion to try to 'get into the head' of a chicken. What must they be thinking in their shells:

'Let me get out of this cramped, hot, hell-hole that Ma and Pa put me in', or 'Try THAT, for an encore, Mr Houdini', or maybe,: 'Did this egg-hatcher really think I could break out right on that 'X' he put on the outside of my prison?'
I see you and I share a dilemma; which of the scores of old VHS tapes contain footage worth preserving - and when am I going to undertake the daunting task of converting them? Unlike yours, on the 2nd floor landing, mine are in the basement. But as you say, that is another storey altogether!

That basement also contains boxes of every National Geographic magazine for two decades or more - 1970s on. I can't recall if I ever finished that spreadsheet in which each title and topic was listed for easy sorting and sifting. I'm afraid my grandchildren will foresake it all and simply jump to the search engine on their i-Phone or i-Pad if they ever need to learn about Timbuktu - or if there is even a a place called Timbukthree!
By the way, thanks for the egg video; it gave me an idea:

Glad you are back!


  1. Thanks SJ - latest video of the chickens includes the "Roast a Chicken " "Cook a Chicken " line which did not please her indoors overly much...
    oh well...

  2. I liked the tune and am glad the chicks escaped the dinner platter!

  3. By the way: As far as I can deduce (backed by experience) nobody in the USA, unless of UK birth, is familiar with this method of eating boiled eggs: In an egg-cup with buttered 'fingers' or 'soldiers' for dipping.

    First time I asked for a soft boiled egg in a restaurant here, it came diced up in the bottom of a coffee cup! Don't ask about some other culinary abominations I encountered. Blydi Phillistines!