Tuesday, February 19, 2013

That damned bucket

Ever heard of the song, “There’s a hole in my bucket, dear Liza” -http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/There's_a_Hole_in_My_Bucket ?  Well, I think there’s either a hole in mine – or the handle is falling off the damned thing!

I have this ‘Bucket-list trip’ – keep up here, Leroy, I blogged about it here 2 weeks ago! Since that time, I have done more searching on the internet than a whole squad of ‘Nitty Noras’ (you can do your own ‘Googling’ for that) ever did on a school-full of scratchy-headed kids in the 50s. I searched for bus and train routes, time-tables, ‘How to get from A to Z’ . . . 

Wait, I tell a little fib there, see? I only searched from ‘A’ (Abertawe) to ‘Y’ (Ystradgynlais) for there is no ‘Z’ in Welsh!  Even that (‘Z’) is a bit of a problem for an Ex-Pat in the USA. When I was a child in Wales, we learned our ‘ABCs’ all the way to ZED, but when I immigrated into the USA (in 1970) I learned that not only did they not have a single ‘tomAHto’ here (only a ’tomAYto’), they had not one ‘ZED’ in the entire country - only a whole bunch of ‘ZEEs’! 

Did you notice? I did that thing I often do – I digressed! [I’m not sure where I learned to do that; I was instructed in waltzes, foxtrots, quicksteps and other ‘baggy-pants’ *  dances, but cannot recall the night Victor Sylvester taught the ‘Digressive Eight’!] 

* Lots of ball room; get it?

Oh!  Bucket-List’ – you’ll have to forgive an old man for his forgetfulness! Yes, I was rambling about a hole, or a loose handle, on that thing. A few things took some unfortunate turns since this trip was conceived, but not wanting to ‘bewitch’ it any further (never mind that this ‘tease’ may induce you to return to my blogosphere – if only to satiate your fiery curiosity)  I will withhold disclosure of those ‘turns’ until after I land on the shores of ‘Mae hen wlad fy Nhadau’.


  1. Buckets of course go with wishing wells...
    so - wishing you well!!!
    [see what I did there?]

  2. Jack, here's wishing you a safe, uneventful trip (on the weather side that is! Hopefully the flying bucket of Boeing design will be airtight with fresh batteries). I will expect stories and pictures filed on a regular basis from our roving (or is it: raving) corespondent!

  3. Jack, here is hoping that you come back with your bucket full of wishes fulfilled. Can't wait to hear about the trip and see some pictures too. :)