Thursday, April 3, 2014

Five Fine Fish-Free Fridays - Volume 3

Another ‘nameless’ – but not ‘tasteless’ dish; plus, it is FISH-less!  

Its dominant (until you cut open the burrito) green, white and red colors should make it a favorite in Mexico, Hungary, Tajikistan, Iran, Bulgaria, and Oman – oh yes, also in WalesI imagine you can do your own ‘Google-search’ [ Here’s a jump-start:  WorldFlags ] for other nations with green, white and red in their flags. Why not list some in the ‘Comment’ section? 

Note: If the salsa would be black (mine was almost as unappetizing, being dark brown), the dish may be a hit with flag-wavers in Syria, Kuwait and Sudan; or if blue – in Equatorial Guinea – but that would look quite disgusting; or moldy! 

Other than the simple micro-wave instructions on the back of the burrito package –

- there is little preparation to be done; just cut, spoon or dump and shred the other items


1 bean / rice / cheese burrito – hot, medium or mild – your choice
½ small tomato
Salsa – I tbsp – spiciness to taste
2 ounces – fat free cottage cheese - touch of black pepper
Cilantro to garnish

Unless you really mess up, it may look something like this:

Your drink selection is none of my business – and so is not included in the ‘calorie and carb’- count below!

Nutritional facts:

Calories: 401 (about 1,600 kJ for those in the UK)
Calories from fat: 10
Carbohydrates: 53g
Fiber: 7g
Total fat: 1g
Saturated fat: <1g
Protein: 23g
Sodium: 693mg
Potassium: 70mg
Cholesterol: 4g

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