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Made in Wales - Volume 6

This is Volume 6, of several, intended to provide information for Welsh people around the world - or for those around the world who are interested in Wales and 'things Welsh'.  The contents first appeared in, and I have now extracted them from, a website that I created a few years ago. 

Once the other Volumes have been posted, you should be able to jump from one Volume to another by clicking on the links included below. Links throughout theses Volumes are appear thus:italicized, underlined, in purple

Volume 1 - Welsh Authors and Books
Volume 2 - Welsh Actors
Volume 3 - Welsh Singers
Volume 4 - Welsh Names
Volume 5 - Welsh Stuff to download
Volume 6 - Welsh and Wales - via internet links
Volume 7 - Welsh Images

Volume 6 - Welsh and Wales - via internet links 

Here, beneath this photo (taken from Llandwyn Island) of Yr Wyddfa (Mt. Snowdon), is a melting pot (just like cawl) - an assortment of some diverse subjects, in randomly presented links. Just click on the URLs - in this typeset.

Wales on the Web -  latest news from Wales.
Swansea - a website to show-off Wales' 2nd largest city and its environs.
Forum Wales - a place to converse (in English or Welsh) with others from (or interested in) Wales
List(s) of Welsh people - more than 2 dozen lists - with their own URLs - courtesy of Wikipedia.
NINNAU & Y Drych - a North American Welsh newspaper. Visit the website and download a free sample issue, or subscribe for 6 issues a year - only $20. Full of information about Welsh events all over North America. 

More websites for your enjoyment

Welsh Castles - in spite of its small size, Wales has more castles than any other nation in the world. Can you name this one? 

Welsh love spoons - A bilingual presentation of the many variations of these 'spoons' - along with 'the meaning' of each feature of the spoons.

Genealogy - who is hiding up in YOUR family tree?  This website contains a link that may help you find your ancestral roots. Look for 'Genealogy' in the pull-down tab 'Items of Interest' on the left side. 

Here is another genealogy website - this one in located in South Wales -
 'Family History Research'  

Located in North WalesEilir Ann Daniels conducted a family history study for a friend of mine. She also offers a course (119), 
'Researching your Welsh Ancestors'
as part of her involvement in a larger group,
Pharos - Teaching and Tutoring Limited.  

There is a small town in North Wales that has  BIG name. Everyone want's to try to say it - this link will teach you how. By the way, the locals don't bother - they just call it LlanfairPG.

Far from the best map of Wales that you have ever seen - but that is by design - to lure you to 'Visit Wales' and see it for yourselves.  Here is another link, aimed at the US audience, to 'Come on over to Wales'


Think you know a lot about Wales? Test your knowledge here - don't peek at the answers till you have finished. Take the Quiz.

Rygbi - it is the name of the largest religious following in Wales. It was founded between 1976 and 1978 by the TRUE Prince of Wales - Gareth Edwards! It's 'holy scrolls' are here: The Passion of Wales   A team from Wales, known as the Pill Harriers, visited St Louis in the mid '00s; there may even be a photo or two of that event, somewhere here in these annals.


Where to find Welsh Societies around this Wide Welsh World ?  - you might want to start looking here:  www.WWW   

Then, if you are looking to interact with people sharing either a Welsh ancestry or 'affinity', go to the 'open' (Public) Group I created on Facebook - it is called 'Global Welshness'   


Key dates and events in the history of Wales

Below, you will find links to a few of the many sites that contain lists of dates in Welsh history and lists of events in more current and future times. Just click on the link and be transported - either back in time, or forward - just as if you had your own TARDIS.

Here is a .pdf file - Events and Dates in Welsh History.

This very extensive site contains the history of just about everywhere on this Wide World, but as we assume you are only interested in Wales, take care not to wander too far away. The good thing is, if you live someplace other than Wales, this is also the place to learn some of the history and timelines of YOUR current location. 


Not to be glib, but parts of Wales are more than a billion years old.  Before they had color photos, see !  

         But, to be moving on a bit . . .       

To be kept up to date on current and forthcoming events in Wales, here's your link:


Finally, an interactive Map of Wales showing just about every place in Wales you may want to be know more about.

​An interactive Map of Wales showing just about every place in Wales you may want to be know more about.

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