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Made in Wales - Volume 7

This is Volume 7, of several, intended to provide information for Welsh people around the world - or for those around the world who are interested in Wales and 'things Welsh'.  The contents first appeared in, and I have now extracted them from, a website that I created a few years ago. 

Once the other Volumes have been posted, you should be able to jump from one Volume to another by clicking on the links included below.  Links throughout theses Volumes are appear thus:italicized, underlined, in purple

Volume 1 - Welsh Authors and Books
Volume 2 - Welsh Actors
Volume 3 - Welsh Singers
Volume 4 - Welsh Names
Volume 5 - Welsh Stuff to download
Volume 6 - Welsh and Wales - via internet links
Volume 7 - Welsh images

Volume 7 - Welsh Images

A collection of Welsh images - photos, videos, sketches - including anything you'd like to add. Submit items to Swansea Jack at


This section may contain videos from all sources, but is likely (at least initially) to largely contain materials collected from internet sources such as YouTube. However, you are encouraged to submit your 'home-made' videos for inclusion and are also encouraged to suggest other videos with a Wales / Welsh theme or content.

Have you ever had something like this said to you? - "Wales? That's in England, right?" - Well, you could engage the ignoramus with a bit of geography/history and/or 'poly-sci' - or simply direct him/her to this:  

​She died at the age of 156 – and I was there at the end.  Who was this ‘grand old lady’ of Swansea? 

I took this photo just before she was laid to rest. Though long gone, she is not forgotten - by anyone who lived in Swansea during her life time

Who was she?  

Who, of Welsh heritage, isn't a rugby fan - and knows of the famous Scarlets [Llanelli RFC] ?  Well, there was a new book out on Oct. 31st 2015; get a look at this interview by my friend Alan Evans of the Llanelli Herald.

44 years ago, on October 31st, 1972, in Llanelli a strange event took place. Alan interviews rugby-great Phil Bennett, who talks of that event - 'The day the pubs ran dry' - when Llanelli RFC beat the formidable All Blacks. 

As noted in the 'Welsh Authors' Volume, here's a treat courtesy of two Carmarthenshire friends I have had the pleasure of meeting. Gaynor Madoc Leonard penned a poem that is contained in the fourth book ('Red Kite's Song') of her 'Carmarthen Underground' series. A friend (and fellow Blogspotter) from Llanelli, by the pseudonym of 'Vollsanger', composed music to accompany the poem in a video that . . . well, just watch and enjoy:



Here, you will see slideshows I created on different 'platforms' since 2007. Some may contain captions, some may need a 'click' to get them started - others will run on 'auto-pilot' - you'll easily discover which is which.

A friend and fellow St Louis ex-pat annually visits his native North Wales where he volunteers on a narrow-gauge railway. He has supplied photos of that 'hobby / passion', plus views of various places in Gwynedd, North Wales. Here are 3 slideshows of Les J's images.

From an ex-pat's 'Bucket-List-Trip' to Wales in 2013 - are 3 slideshows of various places in North and South Wales. 

North Wales - Gwynnedd and Ynys y Mon

On St David's Day 2011, a few friends gathered to watch a performance by Nashville-based ex-pat, David Llewellyn and his Swedish partner Ida Kristin perform at Llywelyn's Pub in St Louis. 

DL and IK

In 2007, the local Welsh Society met for a Father's Day Picnic in St louis' famous Forest Park.

Father's Day Picnic - 2007


Other images

Here is a remarkable collection of photos depicting how we have impacted the landscape and scenery of Wales Our Wales - how it has changed  

Following are 2 interactive maps. 

'Whither Thou Comest?'  - an interactive map

Initially created just for some people I knew personally, it is now open for all to get yourself 'on the map'!  Simply  submit your 'bio-facts' to the email given earlier in this Volume - or to the Facebook Group - Global Welshness

Click on the link below, scroll and zoom on the map, click on any balloon and discover who emigrated (to the USA) from that place in Wales, when and to where, they made their new life 'across the pond'. 

'​World Wide Welsh' - another interactive map

Under construction - your input requested - this is intended to show where my Welsh acquaintances and visitors to this Volume (and the Global Welshness Group in Facebook) are located in this Wide World.   Ex-Pats. those with Welsh ancestry, and even those with no affiliation - other than a love of things Welsh. 

Simply submit your name (or just initials if you wish) and where you you live in this wide World and your 'affiliation' [Ex-pat / ancestral ties / lover of Welsh things ( a Cymruphile) ] and anything else you'd like to add - even include a link to your website or Facebook page.  Help this map grow. Diolch yn Fawr 

Just click on the link below - scroll, zoom and click away. 

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